At Restoration Vein Center we provide expert treatment and care for varicose veins and spider veins using a full array of minimally invasive procedures. Our doctor are all board-certified vascular surgeons.







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Restoration Vein Center was founded by Dr. Gregory Derderian.

Board Certified, Vein Specialist in the Metro Detroit Michigan. He has been in practice since 1981 and has been performing advanced vein treatment procedures for 31yrs, such as Endovenous Laser Ablation (EVLA) and ultrasound guided foam Sclerotherapy. He guides his patients through the entire process of the initial consultation, ultrasound diagnosis, treatment, and recovery. Dr. Derderian is fully involved in the clinical care of his patients, using his vast experience in vein treatment to ensure that you get the personalized care you deserve. Dr. Derderian employs the most cutting-edge technologies to provide minimally-invasive, highly targeted vein treatment and therapy for a wide range of vein problems.

Dr. Derderian Is a member of American  Oestopathic Association and the American College of Phlebology.

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